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Name: Bethany
Age: Twenty
Location: Kenai Peninsula, AK
Job: Au Pair for Private Family
Education: College

This blog is to document my time in Alaska (among other places), from photography to written descriptions of my adventures to videos of me trying something new (like skiing) and failing horribly.

For family, friends, and random wanderers.

All photos and words posted on this blog are the property of Bethany Chamberlain unless stated otherwise.

Photos are taken with my iPhone and edited in the Camera+ application. I use one or more of: "Flash," "Clarity," and "Vibrancy." I occasionally use "Cross Process" and "Magic Hour."



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At the local Wildlife Refuge there are lots of activities to participate in. On Wednesdays there’s a fitness walk throughout the trails and depending on the group’s interests they do longer hikes or just short walks to and from the lake. Along the way the guide stopped and told us about different trees/tracks. Although snowshoes are kind of awkward at first to walk in I got used to it pretty fast and it was nice being able to hike through the forests regardless of the fact that there’s lots of snow built up. It’ll be interesting to hike those same trails come Spring and Summer time so that I can see the progression of nature. Anyways, we didn’t see any wildlife probably because of the size and noise of our group, but we did see a bald eagle at the very end of the hike. After the hike the guide takes the group through stretches and then cocoa and tea is available. It’s nice to find things to do during the day while the kids I nanny for are in school. I get so bored sometimes, which is crazy!

This is a shot of Phoebe climbing one of the icy rocks on the beach today. 

If you can see the picture closer up it’s sort of an adorable action shot of me running away from Phoebe, because she was trying to jump in the sled so that instead of walking up she’d be pulled up by me. I ain’t no pack mule.

Coming up the hill is not so fun. -__-


Sledding on the big local hill. Phoebe and Ellen are also in the picture with me. It is suuuuch a blast speeding down! The first time we went it was sort of chunky snow and so we didn’t go that fast, but the second time we went over winter break it was nice and icy and smooth all the way down the middle. We ended up going all the way down and almost hitting the basketball court wall multiple times!

Their puppy Luna is getting so much bigger now. She’s gotten so much calmer and is doing really well with her training. I can’t wait for summer time when we can maybe take her out with us on hiking and to the park and days we just want to go explore. I kind of hate that I feel I’ve bonded with her and come to really care about her because pets are so hard to leave behind! 

Drake on top of the world! The rocks out on the beach [or REALLY BIG ICE CHUNKS (seriously wtf?) as David informed me] were huge and lots of fun to explore and climb on. Apparently they’re just ice, really dirty ice. I am baffled. They’re so huge and just lying around on the shore!

And from past to present, she still likes to get to the tippity top of anything. This was an icy rock that I was nervous as heck about her climbing. She’s very strong though and, while her balance can be off sometimes in karate, she takes climbing extremely serious. It makes me want to get into rock climbing! Gah, can’t handle another activity!! :P

Drake and Phoebe sledding with some friends at the biggest hill in town. It is wicked fun. I definitely feel like my childhood was missing out so much without this wonderful passtime. I usually can’t get the kids to leave without some hot chocolate or steamer bribery. 

This was back in early September for Phoebe’s birthday. She likes to get to the tippity top and she is damn good at it! David built this two sided climbing wall up a tree for her birthday.

Drake didn’t seem to think anything was amiss with this picture but since I don’t walk around with hair sticking up all the time I think maybe he’s going blind. -___-

Mini collage of Drake and Phoebe playing at the beach today. Lots of ice and frozen lakes that if we pushed would collapse and water would rush back in. Lots to climb (really) carefully and lots to explore. Stalactites eveeeerywhere.

Just chillin’ on the beach. No big deal.

My New Years Eve dinner. The other nanny in town decided she didn’t want to go out so I ended up going out anyways and went to a lovely new restaurant I hadn’t been to or even really thought much of. It was so delicious and such a soft and warm environment. I’m glad I chose to go out, even though it was very expensive, because spending New Years alone is one thing but spending it alone and at home is no longer what I wish to do to celebrate the new year coming in. 

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